Thomas Elliott


R Tutorial

These handouts are meant as companions to Jennifer Earl's Programming for the Social Sciences graduate class at the University of Arizona

Week 1: An Introduction to R

Week 2: Getting Help


Week 2 R file

Week 3: Source Files and Packages

Week 3 homework


Week 3 R file

Week 4: Variables and Basics of Data Frames

Week 5: Working with Variables

Week 3 Homework Key

Week 5 Homework


hire771.dta Codebook


Week 6: Regular Expressions


Week 7: Manipulating Data Sets


Week 5 Homework Key

Week 7 Homework


Week 8: Functions and Loops

Week 7 Homework Key


Week 9: Error Handling


Week 10: Regression


Week 10 Homework

Week 12: R Markdown

topic_modeling.Rmd (note that the data to run this document is not provided. See the next link to view the output.)


Week 13: QCA in R


Week 13 Homework

As a graduate student at UCI, I've had the opportunity to TA and teach several different classes. I've taught Sociology of Sexuality twice during the summer session, and have TAed for both graduate and undergraduate statistics classes several times. Here, I've posted materials I've created for these classes, which I'll add to over time.


These handouts were created for the graduate statistics class. They are presented as is and may refer to datasets or other work that you won't find here. If you have suggestions for correcting mistakes or making explanations clearer, please email me.



Merging Data in Stata

Statistics Refresher

UCI's Sociology department hosts a week long refresher course for incoming first year graduate students to get everyone up to speed before taking the first quarter of the graduate statistics sequence. I taught the refresher course in 2013. Below are the materials I created for the course.

Day 1 Slides

Day 2 Slides

Day 3 Slides

Stata Introduction

New Hires Dataset

New Hires Codebook

GSS 2010 Data, selected variables


These handouts were created for a workshop I ran on fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis.

fsQCA: the Basics

fsQCA: Using the fsQCA Software